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Steve Zipkoff has held a variety of strategic planning and marketing positions during his thirty plus years in the business community. After a successful career with several billion dollar companies he left the big corporate world and started Zipkoff Solutions, a unique management consulting company.

Currently Steve consults with many blue chip organizations and his brand of creative strategic and marketing thinking has been an aid to many of these organizations as they venture to enhance their corporate success. He has worked for Sears, KFC, Burger King and Taco Bell and has consulted with Mobil Oil, Comerica Bank, Sprint, EDS and the Dallas Stars Hockey Club.

In addition, Steve’s program Principles for Delivering Customer Delight is offered through Southern Methodist University’s Business Leadership Center, where Steve has earned the Teaching Excellence Award for three Straight years. Some of his Customer Delight client’s include; JPMorgan/Chase Bank, Galaxy Aerospace, American Airlines, SBC Communications, The Foster Financial Group, Merrill Lynch and The Dallas Stars Hockey Club. To learn more about customer delight go to Customer Delight Workshop.

Steve’s book The Seven Stages of Successful Unemployment…From Hell to Hallelujah! takes a humorous look at a serious subject. What makes Steve an expert in Successful Unemployment is his ability to teach individuals and groups how to take negative situations and turn them into positives. He is a successful motivational speaker and can teach most people the art of being successful and assisting you in moving forward, faster. Contact Steve to book him for your next meeting or event.

Reviewed in the Dallas Morning News

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